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Who are LBT Flooring ?

Whenever you consider using a company to carry out work it is always good to have a understanding of that company.  Knowing a company’s history can give you a good indication as to how experienced they are.  It can also give you insight into how they operate.  We believe transparency is the best practice for business and by giving you a detailed history you can fully evaluate whether we meet your needs.

As a company which has operated for 67 years in the flooring industry we have a solid background both in the commercial and domestic markets.  This knowledge provides us with the skills to undertake the installation of every floor covering on the market and you the confidence to use us as your preferred flooring contractor.

So, who are LBT flooring ?

We would like to start out by telling you about the recent change of our name, from Lancashire Flooring to LBT Flooring.  We are still the same company, we’re even the same people, but for a full explanation please continue reading.

Who are LBT Flooring

Our name has changed from
Lancashire Flooring to LBT Flooring

Many people ask the obvious question

‘why were you called Lancashire Flooring’

The answer to that question we have to go back to 1949.  Back then R.S.B decided to start a flooring company using the family name, Lancashire.

In the past when people used the likes of the yellow pages being named after a founder wasn’t a big issue, even though the family name is the same as the north-west county of Lancashire in England.  However as technology has developed along with the digital marketplace and search engines like Google, the problem started to grow.

If you search for us by our name you will find our website comes up with many other listings in the county Lancashire which gives the impression that we are from Lancashire.  Equally if you search for a London flooring contractor you will be presented with many results for London including our website but our name gives the impression we are based in Lancashire putting many people off clicking.

We have been based in Loughton, Essex for the last 10 years.  The 57 years before that we were based Woodford green and Hoe street in Walthamstow.

Because of this confusion we are re-branding ourselves using the 3 partners surnames M.Lancashire, M.Barnard, B.Taylor.  giving you the new name, LBT Flooring.  We are still the same people who have been here since R.S.B. Lancashire retired himself.  We have some new additions to the team so we can cover our a larger client base, yet continuing the same service you’ve come to expect from Lancashire Flooring… Sorry we mean LBT Flooring.

2018 – Lancashire’s is re-opened as our Domestic department

In 2018 we brought back our old name for a new purpose.  Lancashire’s, or Lancashire Flooring had been going since 1949 where we started as a domestic flooring company and we used to serve homeowners from our high street stores.  Well have now brought back Lancashire’s to provide the high quality service that our commercial company LBT Flooring currently provide, but to you at home.  On the subject of at home a new feature of Lancashire’s is we now have a new service called Direct2Home, we now have move on from high street stores to coming Directly 2 your home with our mobile showroom.  For full details please see our sister site Lancashire’s

LBT Flooring logo

2015 – Modernised company design

In a world where progress never stops you must keep up with the current, while making sure you hold on to the past with what it has taught you so far.  As a company we are redefining the flooring service the industry provides and creating a more sophisticated system for dealing with our clients.  We have also redesigned our own look demonstrating our forward-thinking approach and an indication of our ongoing mission in being the leading flooring company in London & Essex.

Group of people gathered round a table discussing work

2014 – More staff

As with all companies when you increase your workload you need the capacity to handle that work.  We now have added 2 more Job managers to our team increasing our coverage and our ability to serve you with the high standards you’ve come to expect of LBT Flooring.  Whatever your needs are we are here, ready to help you.

Large open warehouse

2006 – Move to new warehouse premises

With Lancashire Flooring moving forward, expansion was inevitable as our workload increased our premises became our Achilles heel as we simply didn’t have enough room for all the stock we required. The decision was made and the company acquired a new warehouse in the Loughton area where we would have the ability to cope with our increased work demand continuing our great service.

history of lancashire flooring

1996 – Company restructured

43 years later the company was restructured into a limited company with three Directors at the helm; Brian a businessman working with Reginald in years previously, while Martin was in charge of financial matters and the shop in Hoe street when the company was R.S.B. Lancashire previously. Michael is the son of Reginald, who had since retired from the business, with the company now trading under the name of Lancashire Flooring Limited we were ready to move forward in the Contract sector of the market where more and more work was coming from.

Hoe street Walthamstow high street

1959 – Built new larger shop in Hoe street

Six years later Reginald made the decision to expand the Lancashire brands presence in Hoe street with the help of Fullers builders.  Reginald commissioned the building of a large unit on the corner of Aubrey road next to the first shop in Walthamstow.

Bishop stortford in black and white photograph

1953 – New shop in Bishops Stortford

Business was still increasing so a third shop was opened in South street, Bishop’s Stortford. Initially the shop was the quieter of the three, but once other businesses moved into the area people became aware of the shop and made it as busy as the other two shops.

Walthamstow high street in black and white photogrph

1951 – New shop in Loughton

With business increasing at Hoe street another shop was opened in Loughton, the shop was next to Cramphorns a garden retailer which later was known as Wyvale. The shop was on the High road and like Hoe street had a strong trade expanding the company’s position as a large retailer.

Hoe street in old black and white photograph

1949 – Company founded

A few years after the war Reginald Lancashire founded the original company known as R.S.B. Lancashire which opened as a retail store at 13a Hoe street in Walthamstow, East London. The shop was located at the quieter end of the street but traded well regardless of it’s location.