Vinyl flooring for Schools.

Vinyl flooring can be used in many different areas because of its key characteristics. Vinyl flooring is very robust withstanding heavy wear and determined cleaning.

Vinyl is available in many colour and designs like, flecking marbling and mottled looks. This gives you plenty of options to match your interior decoration.  You can also get different patterns and textures, these designs can be used to great effect to create checker plate, or wood effect. These give you the ability to have rust proof checker plate and washable wood flooring.  This is just a small selection of options which we can provide.

Should there be the need for hard flooring, but the concern of foot traffic noise, we can provide acoustic materials.  These materials reduce that noise for busy offices and school corridors.

Should you require flooring for places like swimming pools, changing rooms and walk in showers (wet rooms) we would recommend that a safety vinyl flooring is used instead as these materials have a surface designed to offer grip underfoot even when wet.

What smooth vinyl flooring types are available?

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Luxury vinyl tiles are commercial grade vinyl tiles which come in a range of styles including wood, stone and designer patterns. LVT solutions feature a PU coating a hard wearing coat just like the sheet vinyl. generally speaking, LVTs are Heterogeneous meaning there is a top layer and a backing material. These are a good choice when fitted in a more residential style building like an office, or a reception.

 Acoustic backing

Acoustic backing material are also heterogeneous. The backing on an Acoustic material is a foam construction and designed to minimise foot traffic noise and create an ever so slightly softer foot fall. This serves two purposes, one it creates quieter spaces to working and studying. The second is comfort by reducing fatigue from walking. In places where people walk around all the time, solid hard flooring can increase the stresses put upon the feet, knees and back like nursing homes or offices.


Homogeneous are vinyl floors which are the same from the surface to the backing. These are ultra hard wearing and even if they sustain damage from sharp objects the damage isn’t very visible without close scrutiny.

vinyl flooring to a hospital ward
vinyl flooring to a hospital ward
vinyl flooring in nursery reception

Key Benefits


Vinyl flooring is the main commercial hard flooring solution for many high traffic areas. Vinyl flooring has a excellent wear rating in tests making it a suitable material for entertainment venues like the O2 arena, West End theatres, Cinemas, Clubs and Conference venues due to ability to withstand millions of footsteps without incident.

Easy to clean

Millions of footsteps means millions of particles of dirt and dust with liquids and germs to boot, our vinyls have Polyurethane hard coats to prevent the various contaminants becoming well affixed to the floor, in most cases a quick brush down with a broom or a washing the floor with a mop can be done removing 99% of the dirt. Scrubbing and rubbing the floor are generally unnecessary because of this coating. However should you wish to do so you can clean the floor using machine floor scrubbers and buffers.


Vinyl is a very useful material from it construction to it design and colour choices vinyl flooring can suit many different areas.  Whether you need a solid colour, marbled, patterned, wood or stone effect there is a smooth vinyl available, making smooth vinyl a material covering a wide spectrum of uses. Should your needs require a safety vinyl instead we can help with that too.