Rubber Sports Flooring, Make your facilities the best.

Rubber flooring is ideal for the fitness world, wehere it’s all about giving that extra 10% pushing the your limits.  That mindset of extreme performance you’ll want a floor that will match that mindset giving you extra performance and endurance where it matters. Weight rooms need strength to withstand impacts of weights, while sports halls need elasticity underfoot to reduce skeletal shock injuries.

Whether you need rubber flooring for your gymnasium or your basketball court we have suitable materials and we can install court markings too, supplying you with a complete solution to your needs making your facilities the best available.

A dynamic material in a range of Styles & Designs

When you’re on your feet playing sports like football, basketball, table tennis or netball the impact of the body with the ground generates a impact force. Rubber sports floors absorb impact forces. This means the flooring has some give which cushions the impact on the body, by reducing this fatigue and the possibility of common running injuries as well.

Rubber sports floors have been developed to reduce this impact but still allow sports equipment to bounce. sports flooring is generally designed with a 6 mm low density rubber backing coupled with a 2 mm high density top finish. This hard finish is stable underfoot and stops equipment imprinting on the materials surface. This top surface is capable of accepting court markings should you require them and the flooring is exceptionally hard wearing and is easy to maintain.

Rubber flooring is also strong enough to be used in industrial applications. Whether in a warehouse where forklifts are used, or at an ice rink where people walk about with their ice skates on.  This type of material has no low density foam, but the top surface is thicker. Designed to be scrubbed and cleaned and offers exceptional wear life.

Staff who spend many hours on their feet at work benches can suffer fatigue, rubber matting can reduce this. Rubber flooring is chemical resistant making it an ideal option for laboratories and commercial premises. Rubber flooring comes in a number of different styles, from sheet to tiles. Sheet material is normally 1.85 meters wide. Tiles are 500mm x 500mm while the thicknesses varies from 2 to 5mm.

The design can be smooth, hammered, speckled or marbled. for more information please contact our team

Rubber flooring to NHS hospital waiting room
Sport centre large hall with rubber flooring

Available Finishes

Rib & Grid

featuring either lines or blocks, studs or spots rubber create a interesting look with added grip underfoot. Some of these designs have other advantages like the ribs which draw liquids away from underfoot


As the name suggests this is a random pattern made to look like slate, difference being when wet it isn’t anywhere near as slippery as real slate in the wet.


This finish is like hammerite paint where the surface has hundreds of thousands of dimples all at different angles this finish is good for hiding imperfections in the sub floor when they cannot be removed by preparation.


Designed with a rubber or foam backing this option is an ideal choice to reduce foot traffic noise while still remaining highly resistant to damage.

Transport specific material with fail safe non-toxic smoke

Rubber isn’t just for sports flooring, you’ve probably seen rubber flooring before without realising it, have you ridden on a train or bus? Well those floors are always rubber with a coloured fleck, this is a special product made to meet the stringent fire regulations required by public transport (Fire, smoke and toxicity compliant to BS6853 Class 1A, EN45545 HL2)

While rubber isn’t the first hard flooring to come to mind there is a reason to think about rubber instead. Like public transport any areas which will receive a high amount of foot traffic should consider rubber flooring, being a very robust material it has a long service life, elapsing greater periods of time than vinyl and linoleum can achieve in many situations.

Rubber flooring being so robust means lower maintenance requirements than it’s rivals it can go longer between cleaning cycles. While the material is tough it is still a soft material which makes it a very good sound insulator reducing the sound of people moving throughout the carriage area.

Another area where transport rubber flooring differs from Vinyl or Linoleum in it’s weight. The rubber used in transportation is made to be lightweight creating fuel savings in the running of your vehicles, whether bus or train these materials can save on fuel costs over the service life of the vehicle.

London underground train with fire retardant rubber flooring